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Monthly Archives: January 2007

MediaChannel news from DAVOS 07 on the future of the Internet

Davos07 and the Future of Media With Net Neutrality and Internet governance a global issue, what are the participants at the elite Davos meeting in Switzerland saying about it? File Under: News, Media Savvy, Ownership, Europe, Technology By MediaChannelJeff Jarvis (among many others) blogs about Internet governance discussions at Davos: I’m sitting in the front […]

new twist on Peak Oil effects “…Civilization is being boiled out of existence…” by Hugo Salinas Price

October 7, 2006. The evaporation of civilization Hugo Salinas Price All human societies are being destabilized by the energy that is injected into them. As societies are constituted by human beings, we can clearly observe how the more “developed” a society, the greater the physical and mental activity of its population; the population has no […]

A Pretty Good Shot

In the September 4, 2006 issue of Space News, Thomas Christie, the former chief weapons tester at the Pentagon, was quoted as saying the Ground Based Mid-course Defense System “likely would have less than a 20% chance of shooting down an incoming missile from North Korea”. When asked his take on the system’s effectiveness, the […]

McLuhan Meeting Notes

Just a brief collection of notes from today’s McLuhan meeting. We read pgs. 169-172 of Marshall’s (Amazon) Take today; the executive as dropout. Again we are amazed at the insights a book published 35 years ago provides to us today. Kerry Thornley (Wikipedia) was the co-founder (with Greg Hill) of Discordianism. My curiosity was piqued […]

Space Race Part II

Recent headlines about the destruction of a Chinese weather satellite by one of their own missiles had US officials quoted in wide-eyed surprise claiming the act threatened US-China relations and escalated the weaponization of space. Of course, the hundreds of billions of dollars the US has spent on ballistic missile defense and research into smaller […]

One Cubic Mile of Oil

Very interesting article over on Wired with a diagram that puts our energy consumption in perspective. Wow! Now I understand what Michael is talking about when he says the singularity has already happened and it was cheap oil. And I get a much better idea of the gloom and doom side of oil depletion Robin’s […]

Preparing Math Students for a World of Collapse

I have been a math teacher since 1991 when I taught my first algebra class at Philadelphia Community College. I had just received my Bachelors degree in Physics. Bolstered by my girlfriend Val’s seemingly cushy part-time employment as a math instructor, and the fact that the math department was in quick need of an algebra […]

Brain scans predict shoppers’ purchasing choices

Hey, I want one of these things. I want to know what’s going on up there. How long before there’s a USB model do you think?


A sad day indeed. I mourn the passing of Robert Anton Wilson. Bob, you were (and remain) a great coach. All Hail Discordia. “The I In The Triangle” (80MB audio mp3 – or get video links at Grey Lodge) On a brighter note… Happy 101st Albert Hofmann! JH

Pennebaker film article and link to oeuvre for sale

His filmography (much of which is available for purchase from reads like a who’s-who of the past four decades. Pennebaker has hung out with the mighty and the fallen; he’s the ever-present shadow making public the private moments of people who should have known better. In 1964, he filmed Timothy Leary’s wedding to Nena […]


Wow, Just to say that B and I were a part of Friday night. I have to tell you it’s really some of the most FUN I’ve had in a LONG time. I mean, I’ve always loved bicycles and that’s a big part of it, but something about 300 of us cruising through the […]

Barlow on Human Rights in Action; Lessig on our right to copyright!

Barlow: […]If you wanna share something – share it. If you wanna use something – use it. Try to do so ethically in the sense of don’t take things without attribution.[…] Pay no attention to these people when it comes to being creative. Go ahead and do the stuff that Larry showed in the beginning […]

McLuhan video with Norman Mailer

how do we plug HTML in here? Two intellectuals duke it out in a CBC debate from 1968. Two intellectuals duke it out in a CBC debate from 1968.

Back home after holiday visits, and, reflection…..

This year, I’ve made a huge move to another town, knowing no one, all by myself, with the goal of changing my life. I left a huge metropolitan area for a small town; a steady paycheck for part-time chump change. Friends and family were left behind, and only the unknown lay before me. At 45 […]