MediaChannel news from DAVOS 07 on the future of the Internet

With Net Neutrality and Internet governance a global issue, what are the participants at the elite Davos meeting in Switzerland saying about it?

By MediaChannelJeff Jarvis (among many others) blogs about Internet governance discussions at Davos:

I’m sitting in the front row for a panel on internet governance with future guy Paul Saffo, internet godfather Vint Cerf, Oxford Jonathan Zittrain, John Markoff, ITU Secretary General Hamadoun Toure, and Michael Dell. Yes, Michael Dell (more on that later; I met him last night). And yes, I have my Mac laptop open. Liveblogging a bit”¦..

Markoff says that “unless we find a way to police the commercial internet, it won’t survive”¦. (or) we’ll have to walk away from the internet and leave it like you’d leave a bad neighborhood.”

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