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Ron Paul – The Internet President

I’ve been hearing a lot about Ron Paul and have friends working on his campaign. I like a lot of what I’m hearing, especially about getting the Federal Govt. out of State’s Rights issues, but wonder how he might implement his ideas. Here’s a link to a very informative Ron Paul NPR interview (transcript here) […]

A New Visual

Hey check out this map from Play the Income per capita and the infirtility rate timelines.  Incredible. Did I say I felt a tsunami coming?   

China’s space junk debris

Here’s a link to an excellent graphic on the space junk created by China’s destruction of their old weather satellite. The graphic shows how the debris spreads throughout an orbit and threatens anything in nearby orbits. Chinese Space Junk

Space Race Part II

Recent headlines about the destruction of a Chinese weather satellite by one of their own missiles had US officials quoted in wide-eyed surprise claiming the act threatened US-China relations and escalated the weaponization of space. Of course, the hundreds of billions of dollars the US has spent on ballistic missile defense and research into smaller […]