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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Kurzweil- Press ignores bias in study of multivitamins and prostate cancer

In a recent paper reporting on the National Cancer Institute study of multivitamin use and the risk of prostate cancer, the NCI authors cited several possible bias factors. An analysis by Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman shows why the study’s biases should be considered before drawing conclusions. More…

Why texting harms your IQ

From The Times April 22, 2005 Txts n emails mk ppl stupid coz they R worse than smking pot & lead 2 a st8 of ‘infomania’ By Michael Horsnell THE regular use of text messages and e-mails can lower the IQ more than twice as much as smoking marijuana. That is the claim of psychologists […]

Venezuela giving Danny Glover $18m to direct film on epic slave revolt

· Chávez hopes venture will aid anti-imperialist fight · Actor wants to educate US on Toussaint Louverture Rory Carroll in Caracas Monday May 21, 2007 The Guardian

Chris Hitchens joins attack on obsolete “religions”

Interview by Laura Sheahen Your book discusses the problems with the Abrahamic faiths, but then says Eastern religion is not the answer. It seemed like your main criticism of Eastern religion wasn’t so much about its tenets so much as one sex abuse scandal at one ashram. Oh, no. My objection was to the sign […]

Jeffrey J. Kripal talks about “Esalen, America and the Religion of No Religion”

This book is pretty amazing…the transition from Torture on the Cross to Yab-Yum Yummy yum yum maithuna tantric copulation. quite an extreme cultural reversal! sample chapter here from publishers site “Darwin, Tantric sex, cold war physics, psychedelic drugs, golf, and, of course, religion all come into play in a book that can only be described […]

Gamer Theory! by McKenzie Wark is Online now!

McKenzie Wark has his new book, Gamer Theory, online! check it out! Post Hakim Bey, post Baudrillard. Seems like a new combo-medium where the book is created online with the users before publishing a “temporary at this time” a hard-copy book. So by all means necessary, be a gamer, but be a gamer who thinks […]

Nice Kurzweil Overview Article

CNN Money (Kurzweil’s started a hedge fund called FatKat) has a very well written overview of Kurzweil and his career.

E. Howard Hunt names the men who killed Kennedy

I’m not familiar with, but they tell the story of a recording E. Howard Hunt made on his deathbed. The tape was recently made public by Howard Hunt’s son, Saint John Hunt. On the tape Howard Hunt describes a bitter LBJ and his involvement with the murder of JFK. Hunt names others who were […]