Barlow on Human Rights in Action; Lessig on our right to copyright!


[…]If you wanna share something – share it. If you wanna use something – use it. Try to do so ethically in the sense of don't take things without attribution.[…] Pay no attention to these people when it comes to being creative. Go ahead and do the stuff that Larry showed in the beginning of his talks and do lot of it. And every time they put a lock on – break it. And every time they pass a new law – break that.[…]

embed Lessig talk here>

Lessig video at googleVideo

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2 thoughts on “Barlow on Human Rights in Action; Lessig on our right to copyright!”

  1. One of the downsides of YouTube is that so much is available as video now- as opposed to audio. A lot of extra bandwidth. I tried to find the Lessig piece as an audio podcast without any luck. If you run across it let me know.
    Thanks for posting Michael.

  2. John! I 've not been able to find an audio file for that talk! Yeah , that can be a problem , I see! they should not commit so much to just video! Not following Media Laws very well!
    John, Please turn on categorities so I can start adding tags for these posts!

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