DEA Manufacturing Caps for Oxycodone and Hydrocodone 2001-2017

The D.E.A (Drug Enforcement Agency) sets caps on the amounts of schedule 1 and 2 drugs that manufacturers can legally produce each year.   I was curious to see how the caps had changed over time and it was relatively simple to discover via the Federal Register. Considering all the lawsuits now targeting pharmaceutical manufacturers like Purdue, Johnson & Johnson, Allergen and Teva, I wonder if the D.E.A could also be considered an actor in the current opioid epidemic.


…final aggregate production quotas for the following controlled substances, expressed in grams of anhydrous acid or base, be established as follows:

(Not sure what 'conversion' means in this sense, but I think it has to do with converting one substance to another, i.e. one drug could be converted into another.)

Oxycodone (for sale) 46,680,000
Oxycodone (for conversion) 449,000
Hydrocodone (for sale) 23,825,000
Hydrocodone (for conversion) 18,000,000

Oxycodone (for sale) 34,482,000
Oxycodone (for conversion) 1,100,000
Hydrocodone (for sale) 25,702,000
Hydrocodone (for conversion) 2,500,000

Oxycodone (for sale) 41,182,000
Oxycodone (for conversion) 700,000
Hydrocodone (for sale) 30,622,000
Hydrocodone (for conversion) 1,500,000

Oxycodone (for sale) 49,200,000
Oxycodone (for conversion) 920,000
Hydrocodone (for sale) 34,000,000
Hydrocodone (for conversion) 1,500,000

Oxycodone (for sale) 50,490,000
Oxycodone (for conversion) 920,000
Hydrocodone (for sale) 37,604,000
Hydrocodone (for conversion) 1,500,000

Oxycodone (for sale) 56,000,000 g
Oxycodone (for conversion) 4,610,000 g
Hydrocodone (for sale) 42,000,000 g
Hydrocodone (for conversion) 1,500,000 g

Oxycodone (for sale) 70,000,000
Oxycodone (for conversion) 3,100,000
Hydrocodone (for sale) 46,000,000
Hydrocodone (for conversion) 1,500,000

Oxycodone (for sale) 70,000,000
Oxycodone (for conversion) 4,820,000
Hydrocodone (for sale) 55,000,000
Hydrocodone (for conversion) 1,500,000

Oxycodone (for sale) 94,000,000 g
Oxycodone (for conversion) 4,500,000 g
Hydrocodone (for sale) 55,500,000 g

Oxycodone (for sale) 105,500,000 g
Oxycodone (for conversion) 5,600,000 g
Hydrocodone 55,000,000 g

Oxycodone (for sale) 98,000,000 g
Oxycodone (for conversion) 5,600,000 g
Hydrocodone (for sale) 59,000,000 g

Oxycodone (for sale) 105,200,000 g
Oxycodone (for conversion) 7,600,000 g
Hydrocodone (for sale) 79,700,000 g

Oxycodone (for sale) 153,750,000 g
Oxycodone (for conversion) 10,250,000 g
Hydrocodone (for sale) 99,625,000 g

Oxycodone (for sale) 149,375,000
Oxycodone (for conversion) 9,250,000
Hydrocodone (for sale) 99,625,000
Hydrocodone (for conversion) 137,500

Oxycodone (for sale) 141,375,000
Oxycodone (for conversion) 8,350,000
Hydrocodone (for sale) 99,625,000
Hydrocodone (for conversion) 137,500

Oxycodone (for sale) 139,150,000
Oxycodone (for conversion) 5,000,000
Hydrocodone (for sale) 86,000,000
Hydrocodone (for conversion) 177,500

Oxycodone (for sale) 108,510,000
Oxycodone (for conversion) 2,610,000
Hydrocodone (for sale) 58,410,000
Hydrocodone (for conversion) 122,000