Shaan Puri -The Crazy Story of Charity Water

Shaan is a great story teller and the story of Scott Harrison’s journey to creating Charity Water is an amazing story. This clip comes from the My First Million podcast episode. ‘How To Get the Most Out of Every Event…’

Shaan Puri – My First Million Podcast – On why people hate crypto.

Note that Shaan himself holds a bunch of bitcoin and is involved in all sorts of blockchain shenanigans. This clip comes from their episode, The Next Big Social Media Network Will Be On the Chain. Nader Al-Naji Tells Us Why. I wanted to share it because it so succinctly describes what triggers me about it all.

Les Dudek and Friends

Steve Behrendt (drums, just out of the shot camera left), Les Dudek, Stevie Nicks, Boz Scaggs, Yours Truly. 1981 Bodega Bay Club.

This was a one-off fundraiser for the Bodega Bay. Boz and Stevie were special guests. But our trio rocked. Les had a killer guitar sound and sang his ass off. I don’t know who the photographer was (it could have been that I asked someone to take a shot with my camera), but I imagine there were other shots from that night. It would be fun to find some of those.

Big Bad Bob Bayless – Ametron 1990

James Phillips would have taken the photo. His handy work (the z’s) written in the still-developing Polaroid.
The big brother I never had

These were the days when The Wild Blue Yonder was playing Lingerie and The Central. Bob and Maryann had an awesome Hollywood crib where they were filming the ‘Couch Concert’ series. Their band, Hollywood Wing Rats, were gigging as well. To keep a roof over our heads a bunch of us, including Danny Carey, were working in the AV Rentals section of Ametron. Oh man, these were some fun and crazy times.

Frank & Quincy 1984: Portrait Of An Album

Didn’t know about this! Frank would have been almost 70 when he recorded this and he sounds great! And what a band! George Benson and the Brecker Brothers, just to mention a few. (I haven’t watched the whole doc yet but the IMDB cast list seems a little off, at least it doesn’t mention Ray Brown on bass.) Watch it on Amazon.

Filmed in 1984, Portrait Of An Album follows Frank Sinatra as he records his album L.A. Is My Lady with producer Quincy Jones, who also conducts the sessions.


Do You Know Where You’re Going To

The rabbit hole of a melody that keeps popping into your head. In this case, Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You’re Going To). What an interesting form! Odd measures, key changes, complex chord changes. And great bass playing! It was written by Michael Mercer and Gerry Goffin. First recorded in 1973 by Thelma Houston!

Meanwhile, I have to agree with Elton here… Where did actual songs go?

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