Joe Cohen RIP

My random movie maker recently surfaced a journal entry from 1997 when I was living on Westmoreland Ave. in Hollywood having just been evicted from my awesome rent-controlled apartment in Silverlake by a greedy landlord. One of my roommates was Joe Cohen. We got along okay, but basically trolled each other constantly. Joe was having a hard time finding work at the time. Today I discovered he'd passed in 2016.

Joe Cohen Was the Brother of Cass Elliot and Leah Kunkel

Joe Cohen


Big Bad Bob Bayless – Ametron 1990

James Phillips would have taken the photo. His handy work (the z's) written in the still-developing Polaroid.
The big brother I never had

These were the days when The Wild Blue Yonder was playing Lingerie and The Central. Bob and Maryann had an awesome Hollywood crib where they were filming the 'Couch Concert' series. Their band, Hollywood Wing Rats, were gigging as well. To keep a roof over our heads a bunch of us, including Danny Carey, were working in the AV Rentals section of Ametron. Oh man, these were some fun and crazy times.