Les Dudek and Friends

Steve Behrendt (drums, just out of the shot camera left), Les Dudek, Stevie Nicks, Boz Scaggs, Yours Truly. 1981 Bodega Bay Club.

This was a one-off fundraiser for the Bodega Bay. Boz and Stevie were special guests. But our trio rocked. Les had a killer guitar sound and sang his ass off. I don't know who the photographer was (it could have been that I asked someone to take a shot with my camera), but I imagine there were other shots from that night. It would be fun to find some of those.

2 thoughts on “Les Dudek and Friends”

  1. Hi, I'd love to see them, but totally understand it you want to keep them private. If you care to share with me… mail@johnhumphrey.com And if you want to share with the stipulation that I don't publish them anywhere that's fine too. But if you had one that had drummer Steve in it (he's just out of view to the left in this shot) I know he'd love a copy.

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