Database Meltdown

Apologies. Something really weird happened and I had to reinstall WordPress. Not sure but I think that means any links from Google, and even your user passwords might have been broken. Fortunately there's a sweet Export function, so I was able to keep our posts anyway.

I'm still working on getting things back to normal
Thanks for all the recent posts.

McLuhan Meeting Notes

Just a brief collection of notes from today's McLuhan meeting.
We read pgs. 169-172 of Marshall's (Amazon) Take today; the executive as dropout.
Again we are amazed at the insights a book published 35 years ago provides to us today.
Kerry Thornley (Wikipedia) was the co-founder (with Greg Hill) of Discordianism.
My curiosity was piqued after listening to an R.U. Sirius (mp3) interview with Adam Gorightly on the subject of Rightly's new book (Amazon) The Prankster and the Conspiracy: The Story of Kerry Thornley and How He Met Oswald and Inspired the Counterculture.

What happened to   Ward Churchill (Wikipedia) in the aftermath of his controversial 911 article? (Basically he's appealing the Standing Committee's finding that his research was flawed while awaiting sanctions yet to be determined.)

Michael made a point I felt worth repeating, although I'm only paraphrasing…
"The Republicans own the infrastructure i.e. the hard assets – they don't care if they bankrupt the country, they'll just re-monetize in the new currency- it's the rest of us who will be screwed."

Pinchbeck on The Colbert Report. (Comedy Central- fast internet and computer required.)

Until next time.

One Cubic Mile of Oil

Very interesting article over on Wired with a diagram that puts our energy consumption in perspective. Wow! Now I understand what Michael is talking about when he says the singularity has already happened and it was cheap oil. And I get a much better idea of the gloom and doom side of oil depletion Robin's talking about. Humans consume 1 cubic mile of oil a year and as an example from the Wired chart- the equivalent is 52 Diablo Canyon sized Nuclear Power Plants running for 50 years!!!


Just to say that B and I were a part of Friday night. I have to tell you it's really some of the most FUN I've had in a LONG time. I mean, I've always loved bicycles and that's a big part of it, but something about 300 of us cruising through the night under a full moon… exhilarating. If there isn't a group near you maybe you can start one. If you're near Santa Monica or Venice, please join us the first Friday of each month.

Welcome – What could we do here?

I know it looks like it has a McLuhan theme, and it could, but initially I was thinking it would simply be a way for us to communicate with each other easily, i.e. Gerry's Dudley films, events Michael's going to, Robin observations on the road etc. You can post pictures. Videos as well, but I'll have to sort out those details as things evolve. If they evolve. At the very least I'm going to use it to post links to McLuhanesque newspaper articles, etc.



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