Database Meltdown

Apologies. Something really weird happened and I had to reinstall WordPress. Not sure but I think that means any links from Google, and even your user passwords might have been broken. Fortunately there’s a sweet Export function, so I was able to keep our posts anyway.

I’m still working on getting things back to normal
Thanks for all the recent posts.

One thought on “Database Meltdown”

  1. My Google Reader feeds were disconnected and I had to delete the old ones and re-subscribe. The problem was that I had installed the blog into the top level directory. So when I updated to the newer version, the updater automatically built a new top level directory that I believe was causing problems. The new install puts WordPress into a separate folder called blog. That made big problems with the old database, which I don’t know squat about- how to reconnect a database (note to self: read book about php and MySql.)

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