Sinister New “internet” Perps Conspiring a New Panopticon

Federally Funded Boffins Want To Scrap The Internet
Seeking further funding from Congress for “clean slate” projects
by Steve Watson
Global Research, April 18, 2007

Researchers funded by the federal government want to shut down the internet and start over, citing the fact that at the moment there are loopholes in the system whereby users cannot be tracked and traced all the time.

Time magazine has reported that several foundations and universities including Rutgers, Stanford, Princeton, Carnegie Mellon and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are pursuing individual projects, along with the Defense Department, in order to wipe out the current internet and replace it with a new network which will satisfy big business and government:

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One thought on “Sinister New “internet” Perps Conspiring a New Panopticon”

  1. Michael, This is so scary. When will it end?If only the human race will survive this techno adolescence; I’d like to fast forward two hundred fifty years from now when people live to better themselves, and humanity, and not for power and material gain.

    Am I being too naive?

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