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What’s In My Shuffle 11/2/19

Rough Translation Liberté, Égalité and French Fries Planet Money #944: We Should Have Mentioned That Oct 11, 2019 – Sometimes we forget to mention something. And our listeners always let … Episode 944: We Should Have Mentioned That. Planet Money. NPR. The Little Shaman Healing The Aging Narcissist The Little Shaman Healing The Little Shaman […]

What’s In My Shuffle 10/7/19

The Kitchen Sisters Present 124 – The Brothers Burns — A Conversation with Filmmakers Ken & Ric Burns The Kitchen Sisters Present an onstage conversation with the two on Labor Day at The … Eleven months younger, a filmmaker as well, Ric Burns has also been … Ken and Ric rarely come together onstage, so […]

What’s In My Shuffle 9/15/19

The Political Orphanage 09 Grover Norquist Goes to Burning Man Sep 5, 2019 – Listen to 09 Grover Norquist Goes To Burning Man and 151 other episodes by The Political Orphanage. No signup or install required. 99% Invisible 370- The Pool and the Stream Redux 5 days ago – It’s hard to say where inspiration […]

What’s In My Shuffle 8/20/19

Beastie Boys Book Beastie Boys Book – Part 11 Beastie Boys Book [Michael Diamond, Adam Horovitz] on … Beastie Boys Book and millions of other books are available for instant access. ….. One of the standout memories of my childhood was, at 11 years old, taking the bus … This is nice because you […]

What’s In My Shuffle 4/16/19

This American Life 672: No Fair!Apr 5, 2019 – Host Ira Glass talks with David Kestenbaum about his sons’ preschool. At the school, teachers — facing an onslaught of tattling from students … 99% Invisible 350- The Roman Mars Mazda Virus6 days ago – Episode 350. The Roman Mars Mazda Virus … Tech Support takes on […]

What’s in my Shuffle 3/14/19

Drama of the Week OrlandoMar 1, 2019 – A bold and inventive re-imagining of the Virginia Woolf classic. Desert Island Discs Dame Esther Rantzen, broadcaster and campaignerMar 10, 2019 – Dame Esther Rantzen, broadcaster and campaigner. Dame Esther Rantzen shares the eight tracks, book and luxury she would want to take to a desert island. […]

What’s in my Shuffle 2/6/19b

The Little Shaman Healing Narcissists Are JealousThe Little Shaman is, among other things, a specialist regarding narcissists and cluster b personality disorders. She works with people to help them understand & heal after abuse. Creator of the Toxic Relationship Recovery Assistance Program. Philosophize This! Episode #030 … Descartes pt. 3 – God ExistsAug 5, 2014 […]

What’s In My iPod Shuffle 2/28/19

Dan Carlin Show 63 – Supernova in the East IIJan 12, 2019 – The Asia-Pacific War of 1937-1945 has deep roots. It also involves a Japanese society that’s been called one of the most distinctive on Earth. Stephen West Episode #034 … Spinoza pt. 2 – Force of NatureEpisode #034 … Spinoza pt. 2 – […]

Update on Test iTunes Playlist Export to Html

This version adds a bit of a description for each item. Again it’s a little bit hit and miss because the script takes the podcast ‘Artist’, combines it with the episode ‘Name’, does a custom Google search for that artist/episode and then builds the link. The Google search has to happen because in my original […]

Test iTunes Playlist Export to Html

So far my app takes an xml playlist file exported from iTunes and turns it into html.