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What’s In My Shuffle 6/9/20

Dolly Parton’s America Dixie Disappearance Dec 17, 2019 – Dixie Disappearance Dolly Parton’s America ( Christine De Carvalho ). This episode delves into the controversy surrounding Dolly Parton’s … Cocaine & Rhinestones: The History of Country Music Wynonna Cocaine & Rhinestones is a podcast about the history of 20th Century Country Music and the lives of […]

What’s In My Shuffle 5/14/20

Stay Tuned with Preet What is the Fifth Risk? (with Michael Lewis) Dec 13, 2018 – His new book, The Fifth Risk, takes on the Trump administration. He speaks with Preet about the dedication of the civil service, Trump’s attack … Exponential View with Azeem Azhar S3E04: The Innovation Economy Azeem Azhar is an entrepreneur, investor, […]

What’s In My Shuffle 3/27/20

Quirks and Quarks from CBC Radio New technology gives amputees a hand, a big dam proposal, your dog’s heat sensitive nose, was the Earth once a waterworld, the fight to be the first female astronaut and composting garbage Mar 6, 2020 – Quirks & Quarks. Mar 7: New technology gives amputees a hand, a big […]

What’s In My Shuffle 2/17/20

The Tim Ferriss Show #409: Brené Brown — Striving versus Self-Acceptance, Saving Marriages, and More This American Life 692: The Show of Delights Jan 31, 2020 – In these dark, combative times, we attempt the most radical counterprogramming we could imagine: a show made up entirely of stories about … TED Talks Daily Why can’t we […]

What’s In My Shuffle 1/18/20

Spark from CBC Radio 458: Weird and Wonderful AI Listen to Spark from CBC Radio episodes free, on demand. How making AI do goofy things exposes its limitations: In her book, “You Look Like a Thing and I … Making Sense with Sam Harris #178 — The Reality Illusion Dec 11, 2019 – The Making Sense […]

Update on Test iTunes Playlist Export to Html

This version adds a bit of a description for each item. Again it’s a little bit hit and miss because the script takes the podcast ‘Artist’, combines it with the episode ‘Name’, does a custom Google search for that artist/episode and then builds the link. The Google search has to happen because in my original […]

Test iTunes Playlist Export to Html

So far my app takes an xml playlist file exported from iTunes and turns it into html.