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Nice Kurzweil Overview Article

CNN Money (Kurzweil’s started a hedge fund called FatKat) has a very well written overview of Kurzweil and his career.

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Demographic

Microsoft has an ad tool for discovering demographics around a keyword search query. Interesting. Here

California Migration (LA Times)

Cool (Flash) map of Californians coming and going from the LA Times. Here

Why Aren’t There Any Millionaire’s in Russia? I thought everyone got 1000 shares of RussPetrol?!

Moscow’s suburb for billionaires By Rupert Wingfield-Hayes BBC News, Moscow Most people in Britain are now familiar with the scruffy, boyish and invariably unshaven features of Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea football club, and Russia’s most famous billionaire. This week we learned that Mr Abramovich is one of a growing list of hyper-rich Russians. According […]

A New Visual

Hey check out this map from Play the Income per capita and the infirtility rate timelines.  Incredible. Did I say I felt a tsunami coming?   

A Literate Plea To All Patriots

I am getting ready to move, and all is in flux. It could be said my entire life has been in flux since I was a youngin, but I really mean it now. I had started writing a book, and then found I needed to re-evaluate my approach. I altered my outline, but now the […]

Mysteries of Percents

Suppose inflation was 11% last year, and 11% this year. Is that a total inflation of 22% for the two years? Consider a sample of purchases costing $100. After the first year, 11% inflation means you will pay 11% more for the same items. 11% of $100 is $11. Therefore, you will pay $111 by […]

Economic Hitman video

If you haven’t read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, you oughtta. And till you do, here’s some video of John Perkins speaking at a Veterans for Peace event late last year. He gives some excellent background on the US and Middle East connections that are relevant to today. This guy’s amazing and I’m glad […]