Psychological Psychedelia by Delphi from downunder and the antipodes of S. Africa


Along with a host of other literary, artistic and scientific luminaries of the period, novelist Anais Nin was one of the new wonder- drug's early guinea-pigs. At the dawn of the psychedelic sixties, she saw herself as part of a larger social organism that was liquefying; opening like a sea-anenemone to countless imaginary worlds of the imagination made flesh. Like the generation of psychonauts that followed in the wake of the bomb, she experienced an epiphany that, for a few brief and glorious hours, exploded her right out of history.   The term 'psychedelic' was coined to describe this experience of the ineffable. It means "mind- manifesting" and represents the transposition of inner and outer psychological and experiential realities; the detonation of the 'self'.