Joe Cohen RIP

My random movie maker recently surfaced a journal entry from 1997 when I was living on Westmoreland Ave. in Hollywood having just been evicted from my awesome rent-controlled apartment in Silverlake by a greedy landlord. One of my roommates was Joe Cohen. We got along okay, but basically trolled each other constantly. Joe was having a hard time finding work at the time. Today I discovered he'd passed in 2016.

Joe Cohen Was the Brother of Cass Elliot and Leah Kunkel

Joe Cohen


What's In My Shuffle 1/26/22


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Shaan Puri -The Crazy Story of Charity Water

Shaan is a great story teller and the story of Scott Harrison's journey to creating Charity Water is an amazing story. This clip comes from the My First Million podcast episode. 'How To Get the Most Out of Every Event…'

Shaan Puri – My First Million Podcast – On why people hate crypto.

Note that Shaan himself holds a bunch of bitcoin and is involved in all sorts of blockchain shenanigans. This clip comes from their episode, The Next Big Social Media Network Will Be On the Chain. Nader Al-Naji Tells Us Why. I wanted to share it because it so succinctly describes what triggers me about it all.

Les Dudek and Friends

Steve Behrendt (drums, just out of the shot camera left), Les Dudek, Stevie Nicks, Boz Scaggs, Yours Truly. 1981 Bodega Bay Club.

This was a one-off fundraiser for the Bodega Bay. Boz and Stevie were special guests. But our trio rocked. Les had a killer guitar sound and sang his ass off. I don't know who the photographer was (it could have been that I asked someone to take a shot with my camera), but I imagine there were other shots from that night. It would be fun to find some of those.