Junk Mail Calendars From Conservation Groups? Conservation FAIL

Not something I'd normally write about in here, but this is ridiculous! In the last week I received two unsolicited calendars from conservation groups!

Your Free Nature Conservancy Calendar 2010
Your Free National Parks Conservation Association 2010 Calendar

Does sending bulk junk mail calendars send the wrong message?
I think so. I'm going to keep a list of the free calendars I receive (and throw away) here, just to remind me NEVER to support these clueless conservation groups.

Let's add Carl Pope and the Sierra Club for this Free U.S. Wall Map.
And a bulky full-color guilt trip of a reminder letter from The Nature Conservancy that I still haven't donated to them for the calendar I didn't want or ask for.


2 thoughts on “Junk Mail Calendars From Conservation Groups? Conservation FAIL”

  1. Actually I haven't yet. I'm saving them for when I have time to do some better documentation- photos. But generally I recycle everything and will these.

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