It’s great to see people taking the issues and statements the candidates have made seriously. Andrew Allemann of DomainNameWire.com took the time to track down the Obama and McCain policy statements and put together some hard questions for each of them.

From DifficultDebate.com

The 2008 election for President of the United States has nothing to do with who’s wearing a flagpin and lipstick on a pig,  but that’s what the media is focusing on.   Sadly, that’s what the campaigns seem to focus on too.

This web site is dedicated to asking the difficult questions of our candidates.   They’re specific.   They can’t be dodged.   And they aren’t based on heresay.

The basis for these questions are the candidates’ own plans.   Not rumors.   I read through the plans on each site and had questions about many of the candidates’ stances and how they specifically plan to accomplish them.

Some of these may be easy to answer, but they certainly aren’t explained well on the candidates’ web sites.

I’m an independent and undecided voter who likes some of what each candidate has to say.   But I’m not getting the answers I need from the mainstream press.

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