Horizon: Psychedelic science by Bill Eagles


Mind Hacks is a collection of probes into the moment-by-moment workings of our brain with a view to understanding ourselves a little better and learning a little more, in a very real sense, about what makes us tick. It's by Tom Stafford and Matt Webb, and published by O'Reilly.


And from the Mind Hacks Blog: In 1997, BBC science programme Horizon broadcast a legendary edition on the use of psychedelic drugs in medicine. Luckily, it's been uploaded to Google Video and you can now watch the whole thing online. Read more…

One thought on “Horizon: Psychedelic science by Bill Eagles”

  1. Great material! Mind Hacks and its site is fun brain exercises and part of a mini-boom in brain health movement! Azid Tao psychedelic video is from 2000 A.D.! That is now over 8 years ago….still not much changes since then. Pretty interesting update with the usual wildly un-balanced theory of why psychedelics are banned. Not enough coverage of the damaging use of the drugs by the Govt. & Establishment, much of which was torture and medical crimes against humanity.

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