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What’s In My Shuffle 3/27/20

Quirks and Quarks from CBC Radio New technology gives amputees a hand, a big dam proposal, your dog’s heat sensitive nose, was the Earth once a waterworld, the fight to be the first female astronaut and composting garbage Mar 6, 2020 – Quirks & Quarks. Mar 7: New technology gives amputees a hand, a big […]

What’s In My Shuffle 11/2/19

Rough Translation Liberté, Égalité and French Fries Planet Money #944: We Should Have Mentioned That Oct 11, 2019 – Sometimes we forget to mention something. And our listeners always let … Episode 944: We Should Have Mentioned That. Planet Money. NPR. The Little Shaman Healing The Aging Narcissist The Little Shaman Healing The Little Shaman […]

Update on Test iTunes Playlist Export to Html

This version adds a bit of a description for each item. Again it’s a little bit hit and miss because the script takes the podcast ‘Artist’, combines it with the episode ‘Name’, does a custom Google search for that artist/episode and then builds the link. The Google search has to happen because in my original […]

DEA Manufacturing Caps for Oxycodone and Hydrocodone 2001-2017

The D.E.A (Drug Enforcement Agency) sets caps on the amounts of schedule 1 and 2 drugs that manufacturers can legally produce each year.  I was curious to see how the caps had changed over time and it was relatively simple to discover via the Federal Register. Considering all the lawsuits now targeting pharmaceutical manufacturers like […]

Magic Mushrooms and the Healing Trip | New Yorker

This is some fabulous reporting. A long and detailed article about the use and effect of psilocybin as a medicine for dealing with end-of-life issues around cancer care. Read the full article: The Trip Treatment.

McLuhan’s 1960 Report on Project in Understanding New Media | Norm Friesen

In the cryptic note at the top right (on p. 2), McLuhan writes to Harley Parker, with whom he later co-authored Through the Vanishing Point: Space in Poetry and Painting (1968) and Counterblast (1969). Parker also appears with McLuhan in the 28 min 1969 film Picnic in Space, directed by Bruce Bacon. This text reflects […]

Avant-Garde to Electric Kool-Aid With Beats In Between

The book was first published in 1946. It’s by Mezz Mezzrow and Bernard Wolfe and is about as Beat as anything I’ve ever read, although it predates the ‘Beats’ per se.  Mezz was a white clarinet player from Chicago who befriended ‘the race’ when sent to reform school. He never really went back to white […]

Junk Mail Calendars From Conservation Groups? Conservation FAIL

Not something I’d normally write about in here, but this is ridiculous! In the last week I received two unsolicited calendars from conservation groups! Your Free Nature Conservancy Calendar 2010 Your Free National Parks Conservation Association 2010 Calendar Does sending bulk junk mail calendars send the wrong message? I think so. I’m going to keep […]

E. Howard Hunt names the men who killed Kennedy

On November 23, 1963 I was a grade two student. I sat in the desk in the front row next to my friend Bruce. I remember that it was very unusual that the Sister who taught us rolled a television set into the classroom. She seemed to be very upset. There was the sense of […]

Media Maven Robert Logan’s new $45 book out The Extended Mind!

Logan’s jammed web site for all the free stuff

new media aggregator site with amazing network graphs of tags

Silo Breaker uses tags from this story  News You Might Have Missed: Court Confirms President’s Dictatorial Powers  to generate  Amazing networking news animated 6 degrees effects!   ok

Immortality, Life Extension, Life_X, anti-aging, ongoing conference UCLA

Check out some of these topics and links to more clues. Immortality, Neurologic, Space Migration emerged in the early 1970’s and morphed into  Life Extension ( life_X) , intelligence increase, and local Space Stations. We still need back-up mini biospheres of the biosphere! Gaia! Gaea! Later these morphed into SMI2LE.  Early Bible stories of  communicating […]

Freeman Dyson on Carbon and Global Warming

Freeman Dyson says When we put together the evidence from the wiggles and the distribution of vegetation over the earth, it turns out that about 8 percent of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is absorbed by vegetation and returned to the atmosphere every year. This means that the average lifetime of a molecule of […]

Psychological Psychedelia by Delphi from downunder and the antipodes of S. Africa

from Along with a host of other literary, artistic and scientific luminaries of the period, novelist Anais Nin was one of the new wonder- drug’s early guinea-pigs. At the dawn of the psychedelic sixties, she saw herself as part of a larger social organism that was liquefying; opening like a sea-anenemone to countless imaginary worlds […]